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In partnership with Anowara Training Providers based in Queensland  Australia, we are now able to provide a full range of Accredited Training Programs that meet or exceed VET accredited standards. You can contact them directly by clicking here


 Anowara have years of experience delivering  training with a focus on the tourism, sea food harvesting, diving, hyperbaric  and marine industries. Anowara are able to offer tailored training for your business and apply accreditation where possible. A proven track record of delivering on time, within scope, within budget and aiming to comply with audit on any funded or goverment based programs. 

VET Accredited diver training units ensuring you are compliant to the QLD Code of Practice. These can be delivered as complete units combined or with recognition of prior training, example units below:

Perform Diver Rescues SISOSCB006

Inspect and fill Scuba tanks SISOSC007

Lead Specialised Scuba Activities SISOSCB011

Perform diving Ops using Scuba SFIDIV303

Support Scuba Ops from Surface DEFWDV002 (Coming Soon)

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A full range of VET Accredited First Aid programs that can be taught independently or blended. Refresher courses also available.

Oxygen Provider                                              22298VIC

Advanced First Aid                                       HLTAID006

Advanced Resuscitation Techniques          HLTAID007

Provide First Aid in Remote Location        HLTAID005

All courses are delivered with an emphasis on your location and industry resulting in real training that is relevant. 

A range of non accredited  courses are also available inc:

Remote Management of DCS

Field Neurological Testing

Marine Stinger Specialty & Risk Management

SMS Overview & Training Integration

Dive Deck Procedures Tourism

Interpretive Reef Guiding:  Snorkel or Scuba "This course is taught by a GBRMPA Master Reef Guide"

Coming Soon MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) provider workplace

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