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Customer Testimonials, over the years we have assisted a large number of people, via H20 and our affiliates Dive Assist and Dive Master. Below is some of the feedback received. If you have had an experience that you would like us to know about please contact us

Matt Bolton general manager and PADI platinum course director at Crystal Dive, Thailand.

We have been working with and using H20 covers range of products for almost 10 years now. They have always been responsive when needed, the convenience of daily weekly or annual policies suits us perfectly. The Idec Plus policy giving extra coverage in the event of an accident is very popular. - We offer a lot of professional level training being a leading instructor development center for our region, all of our candidates are recommended to take a policy, leaving them with one less thing to worry about.

Steve Crane Via Face book  2018

Can't thank Dive Master Insurance enough. It's not until you have to use your insurance policy do you find out how good the company are. Had to cancel a dive holiday at the very last minute due to a family bereavement. The whole process was handled extremely professionally during a very difficult time.
Would fully recommend Dive Master Insurance.
Many thanks to all the team and special note to Matthew for the way he handled the claim.

Wibeke  Dahlin, bookings and customer relations, Big Blue Diving, Thailand

As I don’t dive a lot I don’t have a full time diving insurance. This is when H2O is perfect as a daily insurance cover. It’s easy and quick to sign up and I feel safe and at ease knowing I will be covered if something would happen to my while I dive.

Theresia Gollner Via Facebook

Thank you very much!!!! I could not have been in better hands to treat my sinus issues. As I am working as a full time tech diving instructor, diving is my life and to have such professional support with all you guys including Dr. Phil Bryson, I would not be back in the water again! I really appreciate your help!!!!

Monty Hall Expedition leader, Marine biologist and documentary maker  (UK)

I have been with Dive Master Insurance for a long time now, right from the first Full Circle Expedition all those years ago. It is wonderful to pick up the phone and speak to someone who understands diving, who appreciates how important my equipment is to me, and acknowledges the unique demands of travelling with dive equipment. I have found them to be consistently efficient, straight forward, and a delight to deal with – and that is after a decade of expeditions and incidents. In this world of increasingly exotic dive travel, it is reassuring indeed to know my equipment is so comprehensively covered.
Monty Halls

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