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A Bit About Us

H2o Cover has been trading for over a decade we have a passion for diving  the environment and in-water accident management.
Our aim is to provide you with a range of services that are often overlooked and hard to source in the Asia Pacific  region.

The people behind H2o have extensive experience with

  • Risk assessment and dive accident management

  • Hyperbarics, field treatment and facility 

  • Recreational and occupational diving industries

  • Environmental projects, the founders have implemented, supported and driven many environmental projects across SE Asia.

  • Have conducted over 500 patient assessments in the field

  • Conducted over 75 evacuations from some of the most remote regions in Asia , have lead search and rescue operations

  • Trained over 1000 divers to all levels including Instructor trainers

  • Consulted for the diver training agencies SSI and RAID

  • Co-ordinate government sponsored diver training in Australia for occupational divers that work in a remote location


The founders have been awarded the DAN Asia Pacific award for improving dive safety in Thailand,  alongside receiving awards from the British Commonwealth Office for co-ordination of a mass evacuation and assisting with natural disasters.


In summary H20 is run by experienced divers,remote first aid providers and accident management specialists. We also pride ourselves on our environmental track record.

Note: we cover the Asia Pacific region, excluding Australia and New Zealand.

For inquiries  regarding Australia, New Zealand or other territories outside of the Asia Pacific region contact

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