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Providing services for the Asia Pacific region

Consultants for the marine and diving industries. Specialist in risk and incident management.

Training providers to Australian standards, Government programs, Basic to Remote First Aid training,  Diver training.

Providers of Dive Assist membership and its affiliated dive insurance products

Watertight Insurance

Diving and in water safety consultancy 



Ensure you dive with a COVID safe operator, the definition of a safe  operator safe will change dependent on destination and local government requirements. Be aware that the situation globally remains fluid and can and does change quickly.

H20 recommends that you consider the impacts the pandemic has with regard to travel and diving and plan accordingly.

Have a solid disinfection plan for equipment, do not dive with any potential symptoms regardless of how mild, and check regularly with local EMS providers to ensure that emergency plans are still current in the event you need to activate them.

What we offer

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Daily, weekly or monthly coverage

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In association with Dive Assist we offer Scuba Medic Short term coverage, you can purchase this via an associated dive operator

These short term policies are available in-store only, ask your dive operator to sign you up for instant coverage. Simply choose the duration you wish to be covered for and the level of cover you need.You will need an email address to receive your confirmation of coverage. If you are planning on multiple trips consider the products below.

Are you a dive operator wishing to offer Dive Assist products ? Click here for more information

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Annual Policies

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H20 offers a range of annual products provided by  Dive Assist as a member benefit. Perfect for the traveling diver.

Scuba Medic (classic)   €150,000 total coverage              Buy Now  €109

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Scuba Medic (Basic)       €50,000 total coverage              Buy Now  €48.50   

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Equipment and Camera coverage                                   (POA)

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Diving Professional

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Be it professional indemnity, annual diving insurance or equipment insurance H20 provides a range of products in association with Dive Assist as a member benefit.

Pro Diver  Liability        €4,000,000  Limit                          Buy Now €104

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Pro Diver  Liability        €1,000,000 Limit                           Buy Now  €82.50

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Scuba Medic (classic)   €150,000 total coverage             Buy Now  €109

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Scuba Medic (Basic)     €50,000 total coverage               Buy Now  €48.50

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Equipment and Camera Cover                                        (POA)

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As specialists in diving based products, we recommend an independent health insurance policy for those living outside of their country of origin.

10% Discount

Combine Liability and Diver insurance and save

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